Do you desire true freedom, but aren’t exactly sure of the steps
you can take to get it? We all get overwhelmed sometimes, and there are times
we get stuck where we’re at. Here are 3 baby steps you can start taking right now
today to get moving toward the freedom you desire.

 1.  Set an Intention.

When you were a child, you had something we call an imagination.  Thinking
back, you realize that your imagination seemed to have no limits or bounds.  It
seemed like you could tap into your make-believe zone and that it stretched on
and on forever.  You could make a game out of anything, right?  I can’t count the
number of times other kids and I built forts and assigned roles to each other
based on the storyline we wanted to play out.  Again, this was all made up.  We
just crafted this story as time went on, and hours would fly by.  When it was time
to go home, or go to bed, we would have to snap out of our make-believe game
back into reality.

The point I’m trying to make is that as children, we were able to dream big and
act on it immediately, most of the time without hesitation.  As children, we set
intentions and took action immediately without even realizing it.
As adults, we kind of grow out of that mindset and tend to justify why we take no
action towards our true goals.  We become complacent with the way things are
and just accept it.  Well, it’s time to break that pattern, so my first piece of advice
is to set an intention.  What does that mean for you?  It means to think about
what you really want without regard to how others will judge you.  These are
YOUR dreams, remember.  It’s time to start allowing yourself to believe that you
matter!  Who cares what other people think?  What somebody else thinks of you
is none of your business.  It’s irrelevant especially when it comes to pursuing
your own dreams.

Take Oprah for example.  She overcame all kinds of obstacles in her life to
become who she is, and she had very humble beginnings.  Do you think she
gave a damn about what others thought of her?  I think not!  So, start out by
getting clear on your own intention.  Do this alone and just allow yourself to freely
think, away from any distractions.  Once you’ve got an idea, write it down.  Don’t
just write it down once.  Write it out over and over again and be very detailed.
This will allow you to really pinpoint what you really want.

2.  Put Your Intention out into the Universe.

Okay, so now that you’re crystal clear on your intention, it’s time to take the next
step.  You need to not hold that intention inside.  if you do, you  may as well have
not taken the time to come up with it.  It’s time to speak your intention.  You’ve
already written it down a bunch of times. Now it’s time to say it aloud.  You can
do this while you’re alone, when you’re in front of the mirror, when you’re talking
to people, or whenever you want to really.  When you do speak your intention, do
so with confidence and imagine that you already have what it is that you want.
Think back to a time when you truly felt great and hold on to that emotion.  What
do you see?  What do you hear?  Let it fill up your senses until you are literally
experiencing it again.

Start telling others of your intention.  Maybe you’re nervous about how ridiculous
others will think it is.  Well, it’s not their dream, is it?  You need to get over that.
Who do you confide in?  Maybe that’s the person you should start with.  If you
don’t get any good reactions from the people around you, here’s what you do.
Find other like-minded people similar to you and tell them.  With the billions of
people around the world, and this thing we call the Internet, you can find people
out there that share your vision and believe in you.  You’re not limited to those
who are physically around you.  It’s time to expand your mind and to think outside
of the box.

It doesn’t matter who you share it with so long as you get it out into the Universe.
It’s all about attracting what you project out.  Usually you don’t get what you want
unless you ask for it in some way, corrrect?  Well, that’s the same case here.
You’re asking the Universe for it.  I don’t know how it works, and I really haven’t
tried to figure it out.  All I know is that it does.  We are all one consciousness and
our thoughts and words all mean something.  The Universe is listening, so don’t
be afraid to ask.

3.  Take Daily Action!

This is the part of the plan that most people give up on because it seems so overwhelming.  This is the most crucial baby step you can take.  Without action on your part, none of the other stuff matters.  Have you ever avoided taking action because ou felt that you didn’t have enough information to even get started?  Maybe you wanted to wait until your action plan was perfect before you took any action.  I used to think this way myself, and more times than not, if I didn’t do anything, then nothing different happened.  Since I had that perfectionist mindset, i never thought the action plan was good enough to even begin.  Once I got past my former beliefs and took action without knowing everything, then and onlythen, things started to happen.

Were there obstacles and mistakes along the way?  Of course there were, but the point is that I moved forward regardless and learned many important lessons along the way.  So even if you don’t know what you’re doing, just do something, no matter how menial the task!  Do something different, then evaluate how it went later on.  If you keep doing the same things you are currently doing (or not doing), you can you expect the result to be any different?  It’s time to get up and do something.  Stay in motion!


Here are the baby steps you should take to gain freedom:

1.  Set an Intention.
2.  Put Your Intention out into the Universe.
3.  Take Daily Action.

These three things can be refined over time, but it’s best to just keep doing them.  You will be ahead of where you are right now once you start doing these things, so get started now, and you’ll have an experience like no other in doing so.