How do you set up a blog for profit if you have never done it before?  Can a person with no previous experience pull it off?

Here I will share exactly how to set up a blog for profit as well as show you the resources I recommend for doing so.

How To Set Up A Blog For Profit In 2019

I’m going to say maybe you’re finding the whole idea of blogging to be a little overwhelming.  Maybe you feel like you’re not “techie” enough to set up a blog, let alone set one up you can profit from.  It seems like a complicated endeavor, right?  Well, with all the information out there and not knowing what source to trust on the subject, I totally get it.  Consider this your lucky day because I’m about to simplify the heck out of setting up your own blog.  There’s no time to waste, so let’s get to it.

The Essentials

If you want to set up a blog for profit, you’re going to need some things.

Hosting & Domain

First, you’ll need hosting.  Right now, it’s not important to get into the details about what hosting is.  It’s basically a place to store your website content in cyberspace.

Secondly, you’ll need a domain.  What’s a domain, you ask?  It’s what you want to call your website.  For example, my domain is ““.  Go ahead and start brainstorming some ideas for yours.  If you’d like some ideas, visit

To get started with the hosting package I recommend, follow these steps.

    1.  Visit TMD Hosting
    2. Choose “Get Started”
    3. I recommend the Business Package since it’ll give you everything you need, and it comes with a free domain. You’ll even be able to host additional websites and blogs on this package in the future if you want.
    4. Choose a domain name.  Mine is ““.

Moving On…

By now you should’ve finished the checkout process for purchasing your own hosting package and domain.

Now it’s time to install WordPress on your website.  WordPress is one of the most popular platforms out there and millions of bloggers use it including myself.  In fact, you’re on a site built with WordPress at this very moment.

You should receive a confirmation email of your hosting and domain purchase.  Once you do, go ahead and log into your TMD Hosting account.  Here you’re going to want to find a button on the right hand side of the screen that looks like this:

Go ahead and click the “Select Account” and choose your domain (there should only be one available at this point).  Then click “Login”.  You will be redirected to what’s called the cPanel.

Now, scroll down until you see a WordPress button, and click on it to install it.

On the next screen, click the “Install Now” button and follow the instructions.

Congratulations!  You have now installed WordPress and now have a website/blog of your own.  You have a brand new clean slate to turn into whatever you want in terms of content.  In future blog posts, I will be going over some options you have as to what to do next.  For now, start playing around with the different free themes and plugins that are available and also go watch some WordPress tutorial videos to get a feel for it.  I assure you, there’s more to learn and you’ve gotten the beginning out of the way!

You will soon be well on your way to creating a profitable blog in 2017.

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