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How’s it going?! One of the things I get asked for all the time are recommendations I have for tools.  I can’t count the number of tools I’ve invested in over the years, and just for you, I’m going to tell you what my favorites are.

A quick disclaimer first – some of these are affiliate links (I partnered up with some of these companies so I get a commissions when somebody buys, because I love these products, and I know they can help YOU!).

So here you go – My Favorite Tools!

TMD Hosting – I can’t say enough good things about this hosting company.  I discovered them just from browsing around online one day and realized how simple it was to set up everything I needed to get my websites going, including this one.



Youzign – If you like Canva and really want to turn it up a few notches, you need to get your  hands on this software.  It is awesome and has saved me so much time when creating professional looking graphics, logos, you name it!




Marketing GOLD!

The 3-Minute Expert – Do you want to really want to take your branding to a whole new level?  Of all the courses I have invested in over the years on how to brand myself, this was the first to accelerate my results!  I wouldn’t have a blog worth anything if it weren’t for this course.  This shaved so much time off the learning curve for me.  I like simple.  I’m sure you like simple too.  Everything you need to do daily is in here all laid out for you!



Copywriting Mastery – I’ve been told by several other successful marketers that the one skill to possess above all others is the skill of copywriting.  Copywriting is essentially the ability to sell with the power of your words whether written or verbally.  This is HUGE!  If you would like to know the psychology behind making a sale and actually know how your prospects think, I highly recommend this course.  This course goes above and beyond anything I expected!  You’ll become a master at video, email, blogging, sales copy, and overall just an even more awesome communicator than you already are!