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What is Infinte Banking?

Aaron Martinez

Published April 15, 2020

My name is Aaron Martinez with Infinite Banking. As much as I love and believe in public education, I think there are a few crucial things that need to be taught but aren’t. One of the biggest problems plaguing Americans today is a lack of financial understanding. With a staggering number of people in credit card, student loan, auto, and mortgage debt, I have set out to educate people with this knowledge and put an end to financial slavery by showing Americans to flip the script and get the interest that traps us to instead work for us. The public education curriculum no longer teaches us anything about taxes, saving, budgeting, investing, loans and how interest really works. We know a little, but unfortunately, it’s either outdated or in most cases inaccurate information.

The most common place Americans learn about finances is from their parents who learned it from… you guessed it, their parents. Except for the few financially savvy and successful families, this is not a good platform from which to learn. Unfortunately, most of what I have found is that there is no one profound miracle answer. It really comes down to the basics, self-control and guaranteed growth. I found one tool that has been used for 200 years but only by the super-wealthy, and the top 1% of the wealth. I have taken that tool as well as some of the best no bull, no hype solutions and built a system. Somewhere between discovering you have a problem and fixing your problem there needed to be a system. If 80% of people knew how to do it on their own, they would not be in debt living paycheck to paycheck. After collaborating with many of my financial colleagues we came up with a system we call RAILS. When your finances get off track, we help people get back on the RAILS to financial freedom. RAILS stands for Realization, Attack, Implementation, Leverage, and Security.

First, you have to realize you have a problem. Second, you must attack the problem. If your problem is credit card debt, then you must do what Dave Ramsey calls plastic surgery. Third, implementing, in the words of NIKE, as tough as it might be, Just Do It!!! Fourth, leverage your dollars and make your dollars work for you, risk-free.

“If you do not learn to make your money work for you then you will always work for money.”

Warren Buffett

At this time, we are trying to get your finances back on track, this is not the time to start gambling or playing the stock market, or buying and selling real estate, etc. We have found a great financial tool that allows you to grow your money at a guaranteed 4% rate of return which is 133x what Bank of America or most any big bank currently pays you on a savings account which is .003%. As if that was not good enough there is the potential to get an additional 5.1% on top of your guaranteed 4%. Imagine a savings account that only recognized your deposits and not your withdrawals meaning they pay you on every dollar amount you deposited regardless of any withdrawals you make to pay of debt. This is hands down the most powerful financial tool anyone in our team has ever seen. In fact, this tool is so strong at growing your money risk-free that Ted Benna (the creator of the 401k) has the majority of his financial portfolio in this financial tool.

Lastly, security, once we get you to the point of security when your debts are all paid off and you are not bleeding out money in the form of interest, you can look at doing all the things you really want to do in life. If you are looking for a solution to pay off credit card debt, student loan debt or to pay off your mortgage in 1/3 the time or less we are here to help. We will share with you and teach you how to utilize one financial tool that has helped the wealthy for over 200 years. A financial tool that 53% of big banks use to grow their money. If you are serious about taking control of your financial future, schedule your free consultation with us here.


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